Content marketing strategy

Social Media Networks and blogs consume almost 30 percent of the time spent daily by the masses on internet and holding that share makes Social Media Optimization a fundamental practice for online brand promotion. Promotion strategies accustomed to social media web sites are mostly organic but after a point of escalation, paid content, adverts and their positioning comes into picture to cut through the competition smoothly. Social Media optimization essentially targets sites like:

RSS Feeds
Social news and bookmarking websites
Websites which exhibit news through graphics
Networking sites
Video blogging websites
Photo, text and other multi- media blogs
E-magazines and E-papers

A good digital media agency seeks to create brand awareness as the basic motive behind Social Media Optimization among other rationales like stimulating organic search towards the brand website and bring all the online accounts of the brand into a cohesively interlinked network. In a procedural way, a good digital agency conducts Social Media Optimization in three- fold steps:

To establish foundation of optimized social media presence.
Stimulate brands SEO credit.
Promote the brand by engaging target audiences through potential networks

It is well established that both are trivial to market and promote the brand on internet but how to channelize the process most effectively is the key challenge, easily mastered by us. To knit them together and keep an up flow forms the crux of Social Media Optimization.

Very often, Social Media Optimization is considered only oriented to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube but the list is long stretched and lately masses have shown tendency of managing accounts on several networking sites and subscribing to information sites.

What else does a Digital Agency Do?

You know that you need to build on link building, strategic integration of SEO, and powerful content marketing strategy if you’re looking to get your website up Google’s rankings. Following some well tested but essential SEO methodologies help a business grow exponentially. Link building, investing in social media and having fresh and unique content are some of the factors that will help you. The proper SEO strategies will help to shape your SEO success- here’s a look some of these strategies.

How Does A Digital Agency workSort your list of link prospects: Linking your website intelligently can fetch you great results. First, you need to keep an eye how your competitor’s brand name, products or services are being linked. See where the content is being published and monitor your own brand mentions so you can build long term relationships with linkers or publishers and as you sort the link, evaluate the link opportunity. Remember, don’t just follow your competitor’s footprint blindly, but ask yourself how people see your brand, and find websites that are similar to the ones which are linked with your competitor’s website. Get visible there as well.
Allow every possibility for visitors to connect with you: Focus on the channels your customers use and add social buttons on every page of your website. You can invest in press releases and blog posts to build on outbound communications, so your customers can connect with you easily.

Any good digital agency will believe that this trend makes social integration as an important component to be included in planning Social Media Optimization strategies for brands. Online marketing is an umbrella structure that includes everything from website development, Search engine Optimization to Social Media Optimization.